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Orlistat tablets to buy or rent) in the last month. That amounts to a whopping $5.5 million worth of tablets alone -- or a little more than third of the total amount spent by city from 2009 to 2013. There is no reason to believe the city officials aren't still using that information, though: Last week, the city revealed it had sold 5,100 iPads to charter schools, mostly in underperforming districts throughout the city. The mayor and two City Council members are also reportedly using public funds to pay for expensive vacation homes in best drugstore mascara australia California. The revelations of this kind have even angered some of the mayor's own supporters. "I've been a supporter of Mayor Rahm Emanuel for years and even voted him. I didn`t realize the extent to which city is being used in this way. It`s not a good look if the mayor's critics want to continue supporting him," said one of Emanuel's fellow African-American lawmakers, Alderman Robert Fioretti, when asked about the expenditures. And Emanuel's own critics have also spoken out. He came under fire again last month for spending $20,000 of city money on Christmas bonuses to himself and his staff -- a move he defended just one day later by calling them "a Christmas bonus" that should only have taken place if the money was specifically allocated and no other funds were used for the same purpose. The mayor's office declined to provide further details for this story. We'll also keep an eye on the city's spending in future reports on Chicago's finances. The U.S. Army's newly launched Ranger School is getting a massive overhaul with brand-new curriculum and a shift to "ranger-driven" course of study. The change comes after Army faced tough questioning from Congress about its current training, which has been criticized for lacking the physical and skill development required for a soldier in the field. More than 1,500 active-duty soldiers and veterans questioned the new curriculum at an Army hearing last week. [ Army Orlistat 120mg $360.89 - $6.01 Per pill officials want more time in combat training, but lawmakers want to cut it] On Monday, U.S. Army officials unveiled a brand-new Ranger School training exercise, called "Cape Wrath," that takes place at Fort Benning, Ga., starting in May and intended to test its effectiveness. The school's first day of class was held Sunday at Fort Benning, where hundreds of students participated in a week-long, three-day assessment of skills, including skills for the "ranger-driven" class that will be taught as part of Ranger School. Students completed tasks such as obstacle courses, tactical movement and weapons handling fired rifles on the historic Camp Murray Range. The new Ranger School curriculum will incorporate elements of an Armywide curriculum focused on small unit tactics, including the use of hand-held devices such as tablets to perform tasks, well as more traditional weapons training, service leaders said. The overhaul could reduce Ranger School's class size from about 4,800 students to 2,500, according Army officials. The number of students graduating will rise from 60 to 65, but the number of soldiers receiving Ranger tabs is expected to be trimmed from about 250 to 150, depending on the nature of training. Army officials had orlistat 60 mg tablet indicated that many of the changes announced last week would be at the end of fiscal 2016, including changes to the leadership positions. Army leaders had said that some of the changes might be difficult to carry out because of the significant amount student-athlete turnover in each classroom. [The Army tries to shake the Ranger School stigma by giving it a new acronym] But after last week's congressional Generic albuterol rescue inhaler hearing, top leaders said the changes will happen this year. "This is the time to do it